Here at EveryDog we truly believe there is no such thing as a bad dog. Only a dog which is yet to be properly trained. Dogs are naturally submissive animals and actually want to be told what to do. Most problems stem from a lack of discipline and direction, but they are rarely irreversible.

Whether you are thinking about getting a new puppy or rescue dog, you just got one or have an older dog which is need of some proper training then we have a course to suit your needs. We offer a wide range of Dog Training Classes to accommodate the many different situations associated with different ages, breeds and problems.

Stop thinking of training as identifying bad behavior by reprimanding your dog. The goal is to highlight and reward the good behaviour with positive reinforcement. This will mean your dog will fully trust you and respond far better to new commands and training. Dog training builds such a strong bond between owner and dog, resulting in a loyal lifelong companionship.

Our dog training classes are held inside our heated units, which means that you have the perfect environment all year round – even when it is dark early in winter or raining outside. But don’t worry, we also have an outside space which is perfect for those warmer summer evenings.

Give us a call or send us a message if you have any questions or are unsure of which class might be best for you.

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 Office Hours
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Saturday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Puppy Training

When welcoming a new puppy to the family it is important to start them out with good habits early. Our Puppy Classes will help to give your pup the best start in life and teaching them everything from the basic commands (sit, wait, lay down) to socialisation and other core life skills. They will learn the correct way to communicate and behave around other dogs from an early age too.

We don’t just focus on the puppy in our Puppy Classes though, it is just as important that owners learn how to approach, speak and discipline their pups for best results. It is so easy to get caught up in the moment when training a dog, we help you to keep yourself composed and deal with your pooch in the correct, most beneficial way.

“Put in the hard work for the first year or two, and you could have ten more of pure joy!”

– Luke Sutton

We are keen believers in that the happier you are, the more responsive you will be to learning and the more interested you will be in continuing to practice and improve – the same goes for your pup too!

• Basic Obedience (Sit, Wait etc.)
• Recall
• Lead Walking
• Social Behavior

Check our calendar out to see when our next class is and call us on 01632 244 644 to book yourself in.

Classes last One Hour each and start at 10am.

EveryDog Dog Training Courses and Agility in Snodland, Kent

6-week Course £130

1-2-1 Training

Many dog’s will benefit from a more intimate training session. This frees them from distractions and can often make for a much richer and productive learning experience.

Our trainers will work as much on training you as they do on training your pooch.

So whether your dog is beginning to show signs of aggression or dominance, they’ve begun moving backwards with what you have taught them, you can’t seem to get them to focus on you whilst on a walk or one of the hundred other problems that can arise with a dog, perhaps you could both benefit from an hour’s 1-2-1 training.

EveryDog Dog Training Courses and Agility in Snodland, Kent

1st Hour £40
Each Half Hour after £15

Agility Training

If you fancy having some fun with your dog why not join us for a little running, jumping and climbing at one of our Agility Classes.

We ensure that we keep our groups as small as possible to give everybody the chance to go around plenty of times.

We will start the class by giving every dog the opportunity to show the room how they perform on the course, before we divide the dogs according to their different levels of experience.

Your trainer will then come around and work closely with each owner and dog to help them improve before taking part in a little friendly competition at the end of the class. Each pooch will have the chance to win prizes and take home a certificate!

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert to take part – everybody has a fair chance to win with our tiered experience rounds!

So, if you want to bond with your dog, keep them fit and have a great time doing it, check out our calendar to see when the next Agility Classes are being held.

EveryDog Dog Training Courses and Agility in Snodland, Kent

£35 per Class

Dog Walk Training

If you face the everyday struggle of walking a disobedient dog you probably find yourself dreading it. A dog walk should be relaxing and enjoyable, not a chore!

If your dog is hard work to take out the chances are that little-by-little you will walk them less and less. Of course, this is the least productive thing you could possibly do – your pooch is not getting the exercise they need, nor are they learning the correct way to behave when out and about.

It can become a vicious cycle, which is why it is important to both you and your dog that you make sure you are teaching them good habits.

Our Dog Walk Training Class will focus on the biggest issues you might be facing when out and about including:

• Heel advice
• Self-restraint
• Lunging
• Distractions & Keeping Focus

EveryDog Dog Training Courses and Agility in Snodland, Kent

4-week Course £95

Adolescent Refresher Classes

Dogs can sometimes go through the dreaded ‘terrible twos.’ All that time you have spent with them training just disappear and it’s almost like they’ve never been taught a thing!

They begin misbehaving and acting mischievous – it can be an extremely frustrating time for any dog owner!

Luckily our Adolescent Refresher Class takes them right back to basics and gives them the mental stimulation that their (still develop) brains are quite often craving.

Your dog will start with some basic obedience training and build towards some mental scent work, before learning (or relearning) some tricks. We regularly update our Adolescent Refresher Classes to keep them fresh for both dog and owner!

The class is a great opportunity for the two of you to bond and work on your relationship again. You will see that they aren’t really that bad and just need a little attention and to simply work through their issues.

Whether you’ve been to one of our classes in the past or not, every dog under 3 is welcome to our Adolescent Refresher Classes. Check out our calendar or give us a call to discover when the next class is being held.

EveryDog Dog Training Courses and Agility in Snodland, Kent

4-week Course £115

EveryDog Group Social Dog Walks in Kent

Social Walks

Join us, along with lots of other owners and their dogs, for a group walk through the stunning Leybourne Lakes.

This is a great opportunity for you pooch to socialise with other dogs in an outside environment; perfect if they are prone to acting up on dog walks. Your dog will quickly become used to being near other dogs when outside and their behaviour will often slowly even improve at home too!

Our Social Walks are on most Sunday mornings at 10am are free to join. Please do call up to sign your dog up so that we can manage attendance.

We ask that you keep your dog on the lead and recommend you use an extendable lead.

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