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Doggy Hotel

With the EveryDog Hotel, you can now enjoy a guilt-free holiday or an overnight stay knowing your pooch is having a vacation of their own! We don’t think that dogs should spend their days cooped up in a kennel whilst you are away enjoying yourself and that is why we created the EveryDog Hotel – it’s overnight boarding, with a difference!

Your pooch will join the crèche everyday at 6.30am and spend the entire day socialising and exercising through games and play, all overseen by our trusted crèche team; before being taken to the onsite Hotel to recharge their batteries in their own comfortable, indoor overnight pod.

Rest assured that your fur baby is being cared for by dog-lovers who promise to treat every dog like their own. We will ensure your dog is fed according to their regular schedule and given lots of love and attention whilst under our watch. We also have a closed, private Facebook Group which you can ask to join for PUPdates whilst you are away, to really help put your mind at ease!

Our well-protected facilities ensure a secure environment for your dog whilst they are with us. With live 24/7 CCTV and state of the art alarm systems in place your dog couldn’t be safer.

Long or Short Stay

The hotel is available for both long and short stays so, whether you’re looking at a week in Spain or an overnight in London, we are here for you.

We even offer discounts on stays over 5 days, to help keep the costs as low as possible for you!

Check In & Check Out

We offer check-in from as early as 6.30am Monday to Friday and if you collect your pooch before 9.30am (Monday – Friday), on the final day of your stay, you will not be charged an extra day!

If you collect later you will be charged the standard day care rate (half or full day).

Weekday Check In 6.30am – 4pm
FREE Weekday Check Out 6.30am – 9.30am
Weekend Check In / Check Out 10am – 4pm


Personality Assessments

Your dog will spend the entire day within the crèche and to maintain a safe environment for every dog, each dog must attend a 20 minute personality assessment and come along for a FREE taster day to ensure they are suitable and comfortable within a crèche environment before you go away.

Speak to a member of staff or contact us now to find out more and to get your assessment booked in!

So, What’s the Difference?

  • Minimal time in Overnight Pods
  • Full Days of Enrichment in the Crèche
  • Quiet Overnight Pods
  • Spacious Runs
  • Secure, Monitored Environment
  • Amazing Holiday Experience for your Dog!
What does all this cost?

Price List

For all this love, attention, exercise and stimulation you might think it would cost you a fortune! Luckily, we here have decided to keep things extremely simple when it comes to pricing.

The basic idea is that you simply pay for your time in the creche at our day care prices plus the overnight stay. So for example £29.95 for the day and £20 for the night, totalling £49.95. It is a really simple way to calculate just how much your pooches stay is going to cost.

Simply start with the first day’s check-in price plus the total number of days plus the total number of nights; and, remember, if you check out before 9.30am on the final day you will not be charged for that day!

We have even put together a straight forward price table below to help you out:

1 – 4 Nights 5+ Nights
Day Care Rate £29.95 £26.95
Overnight Rate £20 £15


* Prices are per day and/or night and may vary on Bank Holiday Weekends.

10% Off Grooming

If your pooch is with us for a few days, why not have them pampered in our Spa whilst they’re here? We will give them a fabulous spa treatment right at the end of their stay and send them home looking and smelling heavenly!

What’s more, if your dog is staying with us, we will even slice a cool 10% off any full spa groom!

Speak to us when you make your hotel booking to get started!

All-Day Play with their Stay!

Did you know that whilst your dog is with an EveryDog Hotel they are enjoying a day full of exercise and stimulation in a safe and secure environment?

The creche-style day care has been proven to decrease anxiety and improve behaviour, so now you can truly relax like never before knowing that your fur-baby is in the safest of hands having the time of their life!

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